5 Home Appliance Features You Need in 2018

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Home appliances all serve a basic task.

At their core, we want them to wash, to heat, to cool, to dry, and sometimes combine those tasks. However, times have changed and consumers expect a little more “wow” from their appliances, fulfilling more than their basic needs. In an attempt to stay competitive and enhance the lives of their consumer, brands are re-thinking the way people engage with their home appliances. We’ve researched 5 cool features that consumers should consider when shopping for new appliances.


Offline is a thing of the past

Different industries have made the switch to digital, including the home appliance industry. The ability to communicate with your appliance over wifi is quickly becoming a standard feature, because it allows you to operate it without being in the room. Need to add something to your spouse’s grocery list? No problem, with the Samsung 4-Door Flex™ with Family Hub you simply add it on the list on the screen, and it syncs with the list on their phone. Getting ready and want to see how long your pants have left in the dryer? The GE® 7.4 cu. ft. capacity aluminized alloy drum gas dryer with HE Sensor Dry shows the status of active loads on your phone and even lets you extend the cycle. While it may not be an absolute necessity, wifi connectivity does make sense for those on the go.


More gourmet, less hassle

With home delivery kits and recipe videos becoming the norm, it’s obvious that consumers want to do more than cook “at home” meals. The home chef now want to cook beef wellington with little hassle and in the appropriate amount of time with no issues. Appliance brands saw this need and answered with products like the Wolf 30″ E Series Professional Convection Steam Oven (CSO) that feature a “gourmet mode” for different high-end meals that you would normally find in a restaurant. Once you insert the thermometer and select the preset, the oven does the rest leaving only the ingredients and preparation to worry about. Ovens and even microwaves are being designed to make cooking gourmet meals a breeze. This feature is perfect for people that love to cook, but get lost once the food starts cooking.


Commercial-level storage for the home cook

The need for fridge space isn’t a new concept, but with the amount of people entertaining and increase in home chefs, consumers wanted more than the traditional large refrigerator. Now, large, commercial-style refrigerators are no longer just for restaurants. While restaurants can certainly use products like Dacor Four-Door FreshZone Plus French Door, they’re now marketed with residential kitchens in mind. Aside from the traditional fridge, modern refrigeration brands are now creating products like Marvel 24″ Refrigerated Drawers,  “mini-fridges” that provide additional storage and look like your cabinets. This product is perfect for entertaining and keeping certain items separate.


Invisible kitchen design and unexpected appliance colors

Initially, every homeowners’ goal was to purchase all of their appliances with the same color/finish. While that trend will probably continue, kitchen designers are now leaning toward appliances that feature similar cabinet paneling, making them blend seamlessly into the kitchen’s design. When done for every appliance in the kitchen, it makes them seem “invisible,” creating a sense of surprise for everyone that visits. The KitchenAid Panel Ready Refrigeration line is perfect for homeowners that want an uninterrupted design throughout their kitchen with all the features of a commercial refrigerator.


Convenience is king

Probably the most important consideration for modern appliances is convenience. Consumers want appliances that fit their lifestyles and make their everyday tasks easier to manage. Appliances in 2018 should be considerate of common issues when dealing with appliances and provide solutions to those issues. For example, starting the washer when you forgot to add something can be annoying, unless you have a WF7500 AddWash™ that includes a feature to add clothes mid-cycle. Ovens including features like “Sabbath mode” that adjust to certain religious beliefs and coffee machines like the Wolf 24″ Coffee System that make professional drinks are all features that make navigating life just a little easier.


Exploring different home appliances can be confusing with so many new features to consider. Requesting a reservation with one of our specialists allow you walk through our showroom with a one-on-one experience for any appliance that captures your interest. Each appliance has its own set of features that you can experience in-person before purchasing.

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